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May 25, 2009 - Heroes. No, Really.
   Cooch Twitter Update: I am still not on Twitter. However, a recent lunch I ate was Tweeted by somebody else.

   Not mentioned in said Tweet is that this was when I met BU play-by-play guy Bernie Corbett. Perhaps the best way I can describe him is that despite having absolutely no expectations as to what Bernie Corbett is like, he was entirely like I expected.

   That sentence made only slightly more sense in my head.

   • So as some of you know, I have this Red Sox blog. I've been working very hard on it this season, putting in more time there each morning than I probably ever put in here. (Logically, the way I'm saving time on it is by proofreading it about as closely as I do these things. I rule.) It's certainly not going to get me on major sports radio within the next six months, but it's gained somewhat of a small following -- it used to get about 450 unique visitors every seven days, and now that I'm posting on it every morning, it's in the 1,000-1,200 range.

   And yet, as I spent most of the Memorial Day weekend working and not enjoying the things Memorial Day weekend is known for, it struck me that roughly tripling the readership has probably made a contribution of exactly $0.00 to the bottom line of the Whale City Fishwrap Picayune.

   I would ask my bosses if that's the case, but not only do I not want to actually know, I don't really want to sit there for the six-layered answer that will pass as a fancy way of saying that's the case.

   Speaking of Memorial Day, I noticed this letter to the editor this weekend.

When did Memorial Day become a day of celebration? I saw in the May 20 paper an article on the best way to do your Memorial Day barbecue. When did Memorial Day skew so far from the holiday it was originally intended to be?

Memorial Day is a somber day, a day of reflection, a day to remember the sacrifices of the men and women of the military who sacrificed their lives for their country. It's not a day for parades to show off the latest baseball uniform, the newest fire truck, or how many antiques there are in your collection. It's not a day for barbecues, happy gatherings and going to the beach.

Memorial Day has been all but forgotten by the public as to its true meaning. I myself took part in all the activities above, and one year it dawned on me how badly I was tarnishing the honor of those who served and sacrificed for my benefit.

   As someone who spent a good chunk of the Memorial/Veterans Days of his youth in cemeteries with his father and brother replacing the flags at veterans' headstones, I appreciate a guy who apparently spends the holiday doing groundskeeping on military markers.

   I also think he's a blathering jackass who ought to look into not making a perfectly valid and completely correct argument come off like an "I'm better than everyone" speech.

   Dare I say that a good percentage of those who sacrificed might tell Brian to chill out a touch, and that eating a hamburger isn't akin to burning a flag. But that's just me.

May 19, 2009 - Last of the Six
   It's Always Good ...: to lose poker hands to people you're pretty sure don't actually know how to play poker. Especially if they're a dead ringer for Jim Breuer in every conceiveable way.

   It wasn't even that bad of a beat, really. It was more that I'd spent the last half hour letting this guy know when it was his turn and how much to bet solely to get myself home before 4 a.m. Not having any more chips makes that happen too, I suppose.

   • Meaningless fact I learned today: For 15 years until 2008, former Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz drove a 1990 Ford Tempo, a brand formerly best championed by me as my first car. A car I slammed into a tree after skidding off an icy road, a car I slammed into a guardrail after skidding on an icy interstate and a car I rear-ended someone in on a different slick interstate ... but a car I could not kill.

   I gained some respect for Lou Holtz today. Even if that apparently means this story is real

With the broadcast coming back from commercial, ESPN sideline reporter Rob Stone was shown during a taped segment "stealing" Lou Holtz's car, part of a rookie hazing incident as tonight is Holtz's first color broadcast.

Stone scolded Holtz for 1) leaving his car unlocked and 2) leaving the keys inside the car. Holtz clearly is not from this era or anything approaching it. People don't leave their front doors unlocked anymore -- nor their cars. Holtz could only sheepishly defend himself by saying "I'm a coach! I'm in the business of trusting people" as he turned red in the face.

. . .

It would clearly take only the most desperate of people to steal his car but you have to wonder with all the money he's made coaching, why not assume the control of a fancier ride?

May 11, 2009 - Last of the Six
   • For the 16th straight year, a Canadian team will not win the Stanley Cup.

Canucks, Canada out.

Canucks, Canada out.
-- AP photos, Chicago goals.

   In that same stretch, teams from Dallas, Carolina, Tampa Bay and Anaheim all won the title. (At least L.A. was an original NHL expansion city.)

   I'm glad it was to a team like Chicago last night: eminently likable, young and exciting to watch for a city that's had to endure some real crap on the ice for 15 years. Still, the Canada factor doesn't make me particularly happy. Nor does feeling the onset of illness on the eve of the 29th birthday, but what are you going to do?

-- It's been a while since this was a possible reality on May 12.

May 10, 2009 - To Recap ...
   • Each morning, I spend about 90 minutes on my infrequently updated Red Sox blog, which is no long infrequently updated and is almost approaching popular. (This helped.)

   After BU won the national title, I tried writing some stream of consciousness thing that failed on pretty much every level. This is not surprising, since the championship game took a year off my life. I don't think I can get a doctor to actually diagnose that, but when I'm on my death bed, someone remind me to bring it up.

   In my head and in a couple different actual places, I've written most of what would pass for an actual column about the whole month, which I've basically concluded is the greatest sporting month I will ever have. (Maybe not better than October 2004, but it's on a whole different level by design ... it may make sense later.) However, since I have no deadline attached to it, there isn't that frantic push that's basically required to get me to really finish it off. Thus, more than a month without any posts.

   And it's funny, because I remember thinking right before we headed off to regionals that I was on my best run since I stopped doing this every day, without fail.

   So, there we are. I played mini golf today for the first time this season, at a place where mini golf is not their strong suit. While I tend to take a professional's outlook on these things, I think we can agree that if the cups at your mini golf course look like this:

Busted Cup

   it might be time to get your ass to the hardware store. And yet, my ball didn't bounce out of this hole, but like six other ones.

   Julie is a forgiving mini golf partner, I'm happy to say.

   The story archive continues to be updated, since that's pretty much my personal library. But seriously, the Sox blog. I get uncomfortable tooting my own horn, but my goal every day is to tell people something they don't know or missed, and I honestly think I'm 31 for 31 on the game recaps.

   Is it something they didn't know and should care about knowing? Hey, it's baseball ... .350 average gets me in the Hall of Fame.

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