May 31, 2001 - Progress
• As of this update, the Posse, Resume, and Links pages are posted and complete. The Writing page is as done as it's gonna be for a while, thus leaving the Bio as my only task before the full announcement of the opening. You don't care, because you're either reading this and already know about the site, or are reading this after it's all done. Piss off.

Pedro Martinez needs to have his own show, because he says stuff like this: "I consider myself good enough to beat anybody, including the Yankees. Pretty soon, I'm going to stop talking about this Yankee stuff, because it's stupid. It's old. Wake up The Bambino, and maybe I'll drill him in the ass."

Tomorrow I head up to NH to get my key and move a few things. Sunday I'm moving in officially, with my first night at the Telegraph being Monday. I'll only have dial up this summer, but I'll try to keep the updates going. It'll give you insight into the mind of a guy who knows no one in a city yet moves there anyway.
May 30, 2001 - I'll Be Livin' Free or Dying After All
• I got the room in Nashua. Vine Street, right near downtown will be my home through mid-August anyway. I'm moving up this weekend, so look for updates soon if you find this a real pressing matter.

The other night, me and the family were sitting down to an exciting evening of watching Inside Edition, and they were doing this story on a 9 year old bodybuilder. Aside from being disturbed by his horrible teeth or the fact that he could make the back of his head touch his feet, I was just sitting there thinking, "Hey, you're all ripped and stuff, but you're nine. I could beat the crap out of you."

Played nine holes of golf all alone yesterday, and it was pretty cool. Nice to be able to goof off when you're actually playing well.
May 28, 2001 - America Rules The World!
• Last night I watched the national Memorial Day concert on PBS - yes, I voluntarily watched PBS. Got me all swelled with American pride. So a happy Memorial Day to you all.

Matt and I have become obsessed with Grand Theft Auto 2 again over the past few days. How can you not love a game where the whole point is to steal cars, commit crimes and run from the cops? For some reason though, it crashes on my computer constantly. Since I'm no techie like Charlie or Brian, I'll be damned if I know how to fix that.

Tomorrow's the big day - I'm supposed to find out about my Nashua housing. Cross your fingers!
May 27, 2001 - Of Parties and House Hunting
• Turns out the rumors were actually true. My excellent Agawam posse, led by the lovely Lisa, threw me a going away party Friday night. Didn't seem to bother them that I'm not leaving for another week. :) Almost everybody was there; Little Mac even came down from Hamilton (she's the one on the left down below). Crowley brought the Cubans, along with more than enough alcohol to fell a small country. Though the surprise was spoiled a bit, it was still one of the sweetest things anyone's ever done for me.

Went back to Nashua and applied for a room yesterday. The place is like a dorm; I'd get a bed, dresser, chair and closet space for $115/week. It's all I need though, so come Tuesday I'll find out if the housing situation is all good.

Today's Revelation: The Japanese are such a small people because it's impossible to eat with sticks.
May 25, 2001 - Rain On My Parade
• So I'm all set to golfing up in Holyoke with Dad yesterday, first time I'll have gotten to play nine with his league all year. So of course, the heavens open up. We get no rain for like a week, now its rained FOUR DAMN DAYS IN A ROW. Pour for 45 minutes, sun comes out. Rain for 5 more, sun. There aren't four seasons in New England. They all get blended together into an uber season I've termed Crapaholia.

Suppose it's for the best though, because I suck at golf now. I went up to visit the crew at Agawam Municipal today to tell them I wouldn't be working there this summer, and all I kept hearing about was how the mechanic kicked my ass the last time we played in August. Because I needed the reminder...

I've never been one to buy into rumors, but a number of people have told me there's some big going away bash being planned in my honor for tonight. I've never been a rumor before. In some sick way, I'm honored.
May 23, 2001 - 220 Miles = 0 Apartment
• If you're ever looking to rent a place in Nashua, know this: 116 Pine Street and 116 Vine Street are both white houses with rooms for rent. Make sure you go to the right one at your appointed time, because if you go to Pine and your realtor goes to Vine, you get screwed and don't get to see your possible new home. Purely a hypothetical story, I promise...

Today was a minor setback, but when I think about it, I just feel that much stupider. So I still have nowhere to live. On the plus side, Dad and I went over to The Telegraph and met my co-workers for the summer. Looks like I'm actually going to have fun while, believe it or not, learning marketable skills! Plus a newsroom full of Red Sox fans always brings out a witty grin.

As you can see, I've posted the main page. None of the links work yet, but that'll come soon. Let me know what you think so far or just write it in the guestbook.
May 22, 2001 - Return to the Web
• Here it is, incarnation number three of Cooch's World. This time, I'm hoping I can make it stick.

Summer vacation's underway, and this one marks the first time I'll be living somewhere other than Massachusetts. Nashua, New Hampshire's second largest city, will be my home for next dozen weeks or so, as I work on the copy desk at the Nashua Telegraph. Now the ultimate question: Might I have found the only place more boring than Western Massachusetts?

I'm supposed to be looking at an apartment up there tomorrow afternoon, and unless the thing has rats, roaches or holes in the wall, I'm taking it. Open door policy will be in effect - you want to visit, you show up at the door.