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Crashing California
Shown: NBC Burbank, Santa Monica Pier, Metro Train, Olvera St., Downtown, Screenwriting Books, Mountains, IN-N-OUT Burger, Mann's, Matterhorn

-- The best part about this December scene is that there's no snow in it.

   I got several complaints about my last vacation recap, Cooch in the Canaries. Aside from going way overboard on cruelty to certain vacationers, it included way too many phrases like this:

"Flight 4085 - Boston (Logan) to New York City (JFK)"
-- Taking over FIVE THOUSAND WORDS just to describe the flight to where you're going is never good.

   In short, people didn't like a detailed minute-by-minute of a flight from to Madrid. Turns out if they really wanted to experience such a thing, they'd just fly there themselves. But at the time I wrote it, I didn't know that. I also was working with a 4 MB site size limit and the chance that printing a picture of me eating a dog bone (next to a TV showing low-budget pornography) would get me expelled. Ah, college.

   Times, thankfully, have changed. Not only do I now make a living wage, I bask in the opulence of a 250 MB limit. Banal to my heart's content. Combine that with a new digital camera, and we just might have an end product the's enjoyable for several.

   And on that note, comments are both welcome and encouraged. Send to cooch@joncouture.com and expect a reply. It's not like I have anything better to do, really.
   As this was a (North) Hollywood based trip, it's only fair we give the stars their due:

-- CD4 photo, confused at Disneyland.


   • Whale City's favorite 22-year-old Tuesday sports columnist, Cooch is often mistaken for being important by family and those paid to think so.

   Fame Claims: Has run daily self-delusional Web site since May 2001. One of the few Western Mass natives ever to go to Africa on purpose.

-- CD4 photo, happily threatening assault.


   • Met Cooch in early 2001 and has never been same since ... this may or may not be a good thing. Impetus behind famous 'Coast to Coast' trip.

   Fame Claims: Math SAT score of 740 put her in U.S.'s 97th percentile. Has used aloe moisturizer after each shower she's taken since May 1987.

-- CD4 photo, trying to enjoy self.


   • Honors student has both full-color cell phone and car with CD player. According to Meg, will one day have beautiful children.

   Fame Claims: Gave Jon the Mitt Romney sticker that got car keyed. Has made it through four years at ZooMass without ever being drunk.

   As I said on the main page when I got back, we ate things on sticks before being regaled with delightful flavored steak, grew to hate the Tournament of Roses, got questioned by an L.A. police officer, watched the ball drop on tape delay, placed ass in the spot of a famous Mavis and got a free viewing of the latest Hustler magazine. Hopefully, what follows will fill in the blanks ... otherwise, the two hours I spent on this page will have been a total fucking waste.

   Yay swearing!
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